Adding Value to Your Coastal Home

If you are buying a property with the view to sell in the short term then there are several ways you may consider on how to increase its value.

Or, if you currently own your property and want to add value then the following tips may help.

There are a range of things that increase the price of a property. Some of these are views be they green or water, gardens that are low maintenance, kitchens and bathrooms and of course location.

If your property already has ocean views or if you are able to add a second floor extension that will avail your property full ocean views then this will add approximately 20% to the house value. A partial view will increase your value by 15%. A green view such as mountain ranges or a park next door can add up to 10%. Many properties in Apollo Bay, Lorne, Aireys Inlet and Torquay are afforded ocean views.

Green features such as solar hot water and water tanks should increase a homes value in the future.

Kitchens and bathrooms add value. One billion dollars is spent annually replacing approximately 90,000+ kitchens in Australia.

Gardens are great way to add value to a property, preferably native gardens. There are many native plants that flower beautifully in winter. And they are low maintenance. Seek out your local gardener and you might be surprised by the selection open to you.

Xanthorrhoea – Grass Tree

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