These days it is almost impossible to conduct an inspection of a property for sale without giving your details to the agent. Many purchasers are reluctant to hand over their phone number or email address, feeling that their privacy is about to be invaded.

But is this in fact the case?

Purchasers who keep in touch with professional, well-informed sales agents say they enjoy the advantage of being amongst the first to be contacted when new properties come on the market. This is especially important when there is a shortage of properties for sale or the property type the purchaser requires is particularly sought after. Many sought after properties are sold before the first advertisement to buyers who are on the agent’s books.

Purchasers who keep in touch with agents say it helps them get to know what is selling for what price. They get to know the market faster – a crucial advantage if it stops them missing out on a property they like simply because they are not ready to make an offer.

Agents provide information to vendors too. Vendors want to know what purchasers think of their property. How did it compare with others in the price range? Did it represent value for money? Is there anything they need to do to attract offers? Vendors can use this feedback to make informed decisions about the validity of marketing strategies, including price. This benefits purchasers too as it often encourages vendors to be aware of unrealistic expectations.

In most locations there are several agents to choose from and property consumers can exercise their discretion when giving out their contact details, selecting only those who have a reputation for professionalism and service.

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