Our Backyard

Just to update you with the current market, now into the early days of spring

a great future opportunity:
11A Seaview Drive, Apollo Bay 32 McLennan Street, Apollo Bay
11A Seaview Drive 32 McLennan Street

Open houses this weekend
1:00pm -1:45pm 15 Cawood Street, Apollo Bay

Forthcoming Auction
4/28 Moore Street, Apollo Bay Sunday 26th of Sep @ 1:00 pm

See you on the coast.

Darren Brimacombe
0418 317 424


One Response to “Our Backyard”

  • Peter Stafford says:

    Hi Darren. I have asked some questions about a few opportunities in the bush around Apollo Bay and I’ve struggled to get answers.

    The enquiries I have on properties usually could be sorted with some good quality contour maps and local area expertise. If I represent a typical type of client, a good arial shot of the property and contour map would be tremendously useful.

    A not so typical enquiry of mine is for any information regarding the flows of any waterways associated with a property. It would be very useful to be able to direct me to the right authority to obtain such info if indeed it were available.

    Old coach road in Yuulong is only on property of a few a have struggled to find out about.

    Hoping this feedback might be of some use.

    Peter Stafford Evansdale Road Hawthorn.