150% Apollo Bay Land Increase

Apollo Bay Real estate values have reached a 150% increase in the median price over the last 14 years!

The future growth, and increasing likelihood of this growth to continue, looks very strong as the infrastructure and key government policies will see a continued pressure on the growth and development of this unique part of the Great Ocean Road coastline, with restricted urban sprawl putting immense planning pressure on other coastal resort towns closer to Melbourne. Apollo Bay certainly offers a greater expansion of residential sprawl, thus providing the ability to landfill area deemed for residential growth e.g. further land subdivision (Marriners Lookout Road, Cawood Street) as well as further possible expansion at the rear of the town.
Combine this with the significant government announcement on the harbour re-development; Apollo Bay will no doubt always be under pressure to expand its amenities thus offering many significant and emotive challenges

in Our Backyard.

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