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the most effective use of available land.
• In the short term, improving the use of existing road space with angle parking in Pascoe Street, providing an extra 100 to 120 spaces.
• In the long term, providing new car parks north and south of the commercial precinct, including completion of a planned car park off Pascoe Street, south of Moore Street.
• Establishment of longer-stay parking in off-street car parks and remote on-street car parks for longer-stay beachgoers, to free up parks in the commercial strip for shoppers.
• Introduction of “drop-off” zone for beachgoers in the foreshore area to enhance access to the beach for families in peak periods.
• Establishment of a “drop-off” point for coaches to the north side of Moore Street, with designated coach parking bay elsewhere to reduce queuing.
• Increased enforcement of vehicles which double park on the Great Ocean Road to unload goods to businesses. Also, an increased emphasis on providing for loading requirements in new business developments.

See you on our coast.

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