English Football legend, David Beckham will be opening up the first “David Beckham World Of Sport Complex” in Natal, Brazil.

This will coincide with their hosting of the 2014 World Cup. This will be part of a bigger resort, which will include a Rubens Barichello Motor Racing School.

Beckham has already set up professional sports academies in both London & Los Angeles with Beckham hoping to give opportunities to gifted but disadvantaged children.

Samantha Gore, sales and marketing director of Brazil Real Estate Specialist (UV10) – said “Although some might think that a Soccer Academy offers a tenuous link to the property market, tourism, and property investment – all being close cousins.
Each has a huge knock on – effect on the other. The more people attracted to an area, the more buoyant the property market becomes”. Ms Gore also stated, “Major global sporting events automatically improve local transport links & facilities, also showcasing the countries best assets to millions of viewers”.

We can only imagine, the effect that events such as the World Cup will have on Brazil

not indicating the “World Cup” however in the future, who knows? Our continual commitment from Tourism Australia, to the grandstand. Great Ocean Road, on a World Scale and the growth and participation of such events as the International Great Ocean Road Real Estate Marathon, of which some competitors from (15) countries, worldwide participated in some small way. We should see a continual and steadier growth to our tourism and property values.


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