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‘Apollo Bay – Market Round Up’. As the month of October draws to a close, real estate activity has improved with the volume of transactions re-enforcing that a “line in the sand has been drawn”. On the back of a great sale at 1135 Barham River Road last week, other sales at 1 Otway Vista and 1/9 Great Ocean Road, Marengo are strong positives for the local market.
On the back of “Super Saturday” last weekend that saw the largest offering of real estate to the Melbourne market for two years that produced the magnificent clearance rate of just under 70%, it appears that confidence is “trickling its way to the coast!”

‘Apollo Bay – Weekly Report’. Apollo Bay community leaders say they are “bitterly disappointed” the shire failed to elect a councilor from the coastal hub. Newly elected Colac Otway Shire councilors began their terms this week, but none of the seven councilors live at Apollo Bay. The coastal town had four candidates-incumbent: Frank Buchanan, Tony Webber, Bob Knowles and Yvonne Francis- but they failed to attract enough votes. Great Ocean Road Coastal Planning’s Shelly Fanning said she hoped the council would not forget Apollo Bay. “It’s critical, as one of the main tourist destinations in the shire, to be reviewed and constantly attended to as would have ordinarily been done if we had had a local councilor,” Mrs Fanning said. “A local councilor ordinarily is in touch with all those on-the-ground issues in the town, whereas external councilors are removed from the local dialogue in regards to important things happening In the town,” she said. Mrs Fanning suggested having an “internal election” before future council elections to put forward the Bay’s strongest candidates.

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