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You are invited to attend a meeting to talk about the viability of the Apollo Bay Music Festival.

Held at the Apollo Bay RSL on Tuesday 22nd at 7.30 pm.

Anyone who is, has or wants to be involved is encouraged to attend.

What can we do to make the Music Festival work?  Are the benefits social, financial or both?

Those questions and more are to be the subject of a forum to discuss the future of one of the bays longest running events, the iconic Apollo Bay Music Festival.

In its 23rd year the event has played host to some of the biggest names in the industry and been an important leg up for countless others.  It gives a reason for Artists at the top of their game, of all styles from around the world to visit the town and inspire us and our children.

With external funding all but disappearing and the festival market highly competitive, the event relies solely on ticket sales, philanthropy, and its contractors to keep it afloat financially.  This combined with a small army of passionate volunteers has seen the Event run on a wing and a prayer for many years.  It is now crunch time and the Event will join the ever expanding list of festival casualties without more support.

Any money that is received through grants goes straight into programs outside of the festival precinct such as the Skate Jam and the opening ceremony.

The face of the festival is an ever changing thing and the purpose of this meeting is to dispel misinformation and come up with a positive plan for the future.  The festival that I started busking at 15 years ago is a very different beast to now.  Despite it’s difficulties the event is still held in very high regard throughout the industry and is only support and refinement away from success.

The meeting will be held at the Apollo Bay RSL at 7.30pm on Tuesday July 22.  There will also be live music afterwards.  Be great to see you there!

For more information please contact Festival Secretary Judy Richards.

See you in Our Backyard,

Darren Brimacombe

0418 317 424


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