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California Dreaming in the Otway’s

An article published in The Age (2015) provided an insight to the unique area of the Otway Ranges and in particular the Californian redwoods.

A thousand kilometres from the redwood natural habitat, the Otway Ranges provides excellent growing conditions for these stunning trees to grow to approximately 60 metres. (The Age, 2015).
An expert in forestry believes that in the next 70 years the redwoods could grow to approximately 120 metres.

The Otway ranges are a spectacular beauty, certainly unique to this part of Victoria. Add to the range of diverse walks, beaches, and townships such as Apollo Bay, it makes us feel privileged to be part of this environment.

As quoted by Mr Smith (cited in The Age, 2015) “It’s really a serene place”.

Cowie, T, 2015, ‘California Dreaming: The Redwoods of the Otway Ranges’, The Age, 8 August, viewed 14 August 2015, http://www.theage.com.au/victoria/california-dreaming-the-redwoods-of-the-otway-ranges-20150807-giu01g.html


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